Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to find your answers below. If you don’t find what you need here, please contact us for more information. We would be happy to speak with you about your upcoming event.

Why Rent or Rent vs Buy?

We are obviously bias when it come to renting but from the perspective of the entire rental industry, there are so many positives to renting. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • It creates less waste! If you only need something one or a few times, borrow from us instead of purchasing and later throwing away.
  • You can rent a higher quality product than you are able to purchase!
  • It is convenient! We offer services like delivery, installation, tear down, set up, assistance with planning, etc.
  • You get access to knowledgeable professionals!
  • You do not have to find space to store items you do not really need! We love what we do and that also means maintaining and properly storing our rental inventory.
What is the difference between a quote and a reservation?

Great Question! A quote provides you with an estimated rental price of the items you are requesting to rent and any additional costs (e.g., delivery, tax, general labor, etc.) associated with your rental. These items are not reserved for you and are based on availability (first come, first rent).

A rental reservation is a contract (yes, we are not afraid of commitment!) that reserves the rental items you requested for the agreed upon time period which is stated on your contract as the Event Beginning and Event End dates.

How long will I have my rental items?

Event & Party: We understand that you almost always need your items prior to the day of your event and a little after to make your event run smoothly! We’ve got you covered! For all rental items except tents, your rental items are typically rented for a 3-day period with delivery on Friday and pick up the following Monday. Tents are typically delivered and professionally installed on either Wednesday or Thursday, and we will tear down and pick up the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Equipment & Tool: When renting Equipment & Tools, you usually do not want your rental equipment longer than you need, time is money! An Equipment Rental Specialist will work with you on the length of time you are able to rent the equipment you need.

When it comes to your rental reservation, the Event Beginning date is the day Sun Rental is delivering your rental items, or you are picking your items up in our showroom. The Event End date is the day Sun Rental is picking up your rental items or you are returning the items to our showroom.

How do I place a reservation?

To place a rental reservation with delivery, we require a 50% deposit. When you are ready to place your reservation, please give us a call and we can take your payment over the phone.

If you would like to pay with check, checks must be applied to your reservation at least three weeks prior to your reservation Event Beginning date and paid in full.

If you are placing a rental reservation for items that you are picking up at our showroom, your reservation must be paid in full at the time you are placing the reservation. We promise this makes it easier and faster for your pickup!

If you are placing your order within a week from when Sun Rental is delivering or you will pick up, the reservation is required to be paid in full.

When is my final balance due for delivery rental reservations?

If your delivery rental reservation is not already paid in full or your reservation has an earlier agreed upon paid in full date (this is for larger event orders), any outstanding balance is due 3 days prior to your delivery date. We will call you 3 days prior to confirm your delivery and take final payment or charge the card on file.

For large tent events and weddings, your final balance is due one month prior to your delivery date.

When will I know the time window that my items will be delivered?

Event & Party Reservations: We will call you 3 days prior to your delivery date (Event Beginning date) and provide you with the delivery time window that your reservation has been scheduled for. You are required to be present for your delivery to sign for your rental items. Our friendly team will also call you on the day of delivery when they are headed to your delivery location to let you know they will arrive shortly.

Equipment & Tool Reservations: Your delivery date and time window will be provided to you when you place your reservation.

How are my items delivered?

Standard delivery and pick up is “off the back of the truck” or within 25ft of the location our delivery trucks can park. Deliveries and pick ups for events that require additional services will be discussed further with you when we prepare your quote or reservation, based on what you need for your event. We care about the service we provide you and that it helps make your parties and projects successful!

What is the process to pick my rental items up at your showroom?

Your rental items are pulled and prepped prior to the day you are scheduled to pick them up and will be waiting for you in our showroom on the day you are scheduled to pick them up. Full payment is required in advance so all you need to do is come to the store, sign for your items, and have them until your return date!

Customer pick-ups are provided to you as a self-service experience, and you are responsible for loading into and unloading out of your car. Please make sure to arrive with the appropriate size vehicle to fit your rental items. For larger rental items, we will have carts available to assist in your rental experience!

What about changes to my order?

We understand changes happen! You have up to 7 days prior to your delivery or in-store pick up date to make any small changes to your reservation without incurring a change order fee. Changes are also subject to availability of the item.

For the best rental experience, if you know or think you will need additional rental items, we recommend adding to your order as soon as you know you need them or at the time you place the reservation.

How do I prepare for my order?

Make sure you review your rental contract and that everything looks good! Your name, delivery address, day of delivery contact, and most importantly, the items you are renting.

Like we said, we are not afraid of commitment and hope you are not as well! We do require you to be present for your delivery to sign our contract and make sure you got what you thought you were getting.

Have a space ready for your rental items. If we are delivering a tent, ensure the tent location is cleared of any items so the team has plenty of space to install your tent rental.

Make sure your driveway or parking lot is cleared of parked cars to help with a smooth delivery. Our goal is to provide you with a fast and efficient delivery process, and it begins with the delivery trucks having the ability to pull up to the site they are unloading all your awesome rental items.

We also have a handy guide in our “Guides” section of the Resources that explains what to expect for Delivery & Pick Up.